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Solid Woven Conveyor Belt

Solid woven conveyor belt

The solid woven conveyor belt series provided by Rayco is the first choice for global coal mines and demanding industrial applications. It has high-level flame retardant and anti-static properties.

Conveyor belts are mainly divided into two categories: standard series PVC solid woven cotton conveyor belts and PVG solid woven conveyor belts with special coverings.

PVC Solid Woven Conveyor Belts

PVC conveyor belts are mainly used in underground transportation and other potentially dangerous situations. The upper and lower layers of the belt are covered with PVC coating (the maximum thickness is 4 mm), which has excellent fire and anti-static properties, and in many cases has exceeded all the global safety standards for fire and anti-static requirements.

PVC covers to meet numerous fire resistance specifications or for other properties such as resistance to oils, chemicals etc.


Solid woven PVC conveyor belts are very suitable for use in coal mines, power stations, chemical and metallurgical industries and other conditions that require fire resistance and antistatic properties. It is an ideal belt for conveying coal, potash, phosphate, fertilizer, salt, gypsum and clay.

Inclination angle of PVC belt: <16°.It is an economical alternative to rubber conveyor belt.

PVG Solid Woven Conveyor Belts

PVG solid woven conveyor belt is a single layer (top) or double layer (top and bottom) rubber covers added to the PVC conveyor belt, the maximum thickness is 6 mm.

This improves the plasticity, moisture resistance and elongation of the belt, minimizing the wear of the cover layer.

Solid woven conveyor belts are used to transport oily products, grains, feed, fertilizers and agricultural products.

Therefore, Solid woven conveyor belt has the advantages of longer working life, wider range of climbing angle (<20°), and higher conveying efficiency.

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