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Rubber Conveyor Belt Material

Rubber Conveyor Belt Material

Conveyor belts are mainly made of 5 kinds of materials: plastic, metal, rubber, fabric and leather. The most popular is rubber composite material. Rubber conveyor belt is mainly made of carcass (fabric or steel cord) and cover. Common materials for rubber conveyor belts include multi-ply fabrics and steel cords. They are widely used on trough, inclined, and horizontal conveyors.

It is very important to choose the right rubber conveyor belt material. Because the wrong choice of materials may harm productivity and worker safety.

Fabric conveyor belt


The general multi-ply fabric rubber conveyor belt is suitable for transporting solid loose materials without special requirements. These rubber belts are made of polyester polyamide (EP) or polyamide-polyamide (PA) fabric cords.

They can be used in all industries, agriculture, construction and places where there is no fire hazard. The conveyor belt can be used to transport stones, gravel, sand, cold clinker, neutral chemicals, coke, crops, building materials, etc.


Non-flammable fabric material rubber conveyor belt, designed to transport combustible materials in power plants and steel plants.

These rubber conveyor belts are made of polyester-polyamide (PP) or polyamide-polyamide (PP) and combine a non-flammable rubber core and a non-flammable rubber sleeve.

High temperature resistance

The multi-layer high temperature resistant fabric material rubber conveyor belt is suitable for the transportation of bulk materials under high temperature. They can carry hot materials such as ash, slag, sintered ore, limestone, clinker, and fertilizer.

The belt is made of polyester-polyamide (EP) or polyamide-polyamide (PA), combined with a special rubber core and a rubber sleeve with improved heat resistance.

The heat-resistant rubber fabric conveyor belt is used to transport hot materials with a maximum temperature of +280 [C] in the ambient temperature range of –40 [C] to +60 [C].

Underground flame retardant

The multi-ply flame-retardant textile rubber conveyor belt is designed to transport loose materials in the underground pits of coal mining companies that mine combustible minerals (such as coal) and non-combustible minerals (such as ore, salt, aggregate).

These belts are made of a polyester-polyamide (EP) or polyamide-polyamide (PA) fabric layer and are covered with a flame-retardant rubber ply.

Steel cord conveyor belt


General purpose steel cord material rubber conveyor belt, used to transport bulk materials without special requirements. The carcass of this type of rubber conveyor belt is made of galvanized steel cords arranged longitudinally. It is suitable for long slope roads with low elongation, long life and low failure rate.

Flame retardant

It is used to transport bulk materials in situations where there may be a fire hazard in ground work, for example, coal transportation in power plants, coking plants, mining processing plants and ports. The carcass is made of galvanized steel cords arranged longitudinally.

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