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Rock And Gravel Conveyor Belt

Rock conveyor belt

In a quarry or mine crushing plant, high impact and high tear conditions (such as continuous rock impact from a jaw crusher) will cause the traditional multi-ply fabric conveyor belt to fail due to carcass fatigue and shorten the belt life. As a manufacturer and supplier of steel cords and multi ply fabric conveyor belts, Rayco specializes in rock conveyor belt for hard rock crushing and mineral processing.

Rock & Gravel Conveyor Belt

Unlike traditional multi-ply conveyor belts, Rayco rock conveyor belts are designed for high strength. The unique fabric layer structure and specially formulated rubber top and bottom covers used in the gravel/sand conveyor belt can ensure higher longitudinal flexibility. It can withstand rock impacts, maximize the life of the belt, and improve the user’s Operation and maintenance costs are reduced to a minimum, thereby reducing downtime loss and total cost of ownership.

Gravel conveyor belt is suitable for the following application conditions:

  • High Tear and High Impact Applications
  • High Fall Height of Material
  • Long Haul Applications with Low Elongation

Such as the screening and long-distance material handling of various soft and hard rocks, crushed stones, metal and non-metal ores in quarries and mine crushing production lines, and also suitable for the handling of logs, waste and muck.

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