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Rubber convetor belt for mining
Rubber convetor belt for mining

Open pit mining and ore processing

For the most demanding mining and processing applications, RAYCO relies on years of experience to customize production for different transportation routes in mining. RAYCO selects the best conveyor belt structure for each transportation route of the customer.

Underground mining

RAYCO is specially designed for underground mining to provide a series of high-quality mining conveyor belts with fire resistance and recognized by the corresponding national and international standards. These conveyor belts have excellent wear resistance and cutting resistance.

Whether it is open-pit mining or underground mining, we provide heavy-duty rubber compounds with various coverage grades, specifications and strengths. Heavy-duty conveyor belts can be used in every stage of ore mining, ore crushing, and material transportation.


clinker, coal, copper/nickel, scrap, limestone, salt, lead and iron.

Conveyor belt for mining