Impact Resistant Conveyor Belt

Impact Resistant Conveyor Belt

In a quarry or mine mining, a large sharp piece of hard rock or ore falling on the conveyor belt will continuously impact the belt, which will cause the conventional belt to fail prematurely due to the rupture of the carcass. We recommend using impact resistant conveyor belt to transport bulk and jagged materials under heavy load conditions.

Impact resistant conveyor belt structure and material

As a leading manufacturer and supplier of impact and tear resistant conveyor belts in China, Rayco’s conveyor belt carcass is made of multiply EP fabric. Between the carcass and the cover, there is a special textile or metal fabric reinforcement called a breaker. It usually consists of three types: steel cord, steel wire, fiber cord or textile fabric.

The impact resistant conveyor belt combines the convenience of a textile belt with the strength of steel. This special design enhances the longitudinal impact resistance and tear protection of the carcass.

Characteristics of impact resistant conveyor belt

The steel wire weft provides additional reinforcement, which can minimize the damage to the carcass caused by the impact of the material on the belt.

Prevent the belt from being cut or cut due to damage to the carcass.


  • Large quarries or mines that handle bulk materials
  • Lump size more than 250 mm
  • High drop conveyor
  • Conveyor with insufficient load capacity
  • Long haul applications
  • Other harsh working environment

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