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How to Cut Rubber Conveyor Belts

How to Cut Rubber Conveyor Belts

The rubber conveyor belt will wear out or break if it is used for a long time. At this time, we need to repair the conveyor belt. First cut off all the worn or broken parts of the cut rubber conveyor belt, and then re-splice. Do you know how to cut rubber conveyor belts?

Preparation before cutting

  • Cutting tools: utility knife/stanley blade, chain saw, Conveyor Belt Shavers, jig saw, electric saw, angle grinder, electric conveyor belt cutter
  • Gloves
  • Water/diesel

How to cut rubber conveyor belt yourself

If you are cutting a rubber fabric conveyor belt, you can try to do it yourself, you need a utility knife, chain saw or jig saw. Place the conveyor belt vertically between two people, and then use a utility knife to cut from the top of the rubber conveyor belt to the bottom of the net. When using a blade to cut, you may encounter the problem that the incision cannot be opened and the blade cannot be moved. Therefore, we can consider placing a wedge in the incision.

You can also lay the rubber conveyor belt flat on the ground, use a steel ruler as an auxiliary tool, and then use a utility knife to cut the rubber conveyor belt along the edge of the ruler.

When cutting the conveyor belt again, keep the cutting part lubricated (use water or diesel).

How to cut steel cord rubber conveyor belt

If you need to cut steel cord conveyor belts, you can consider using a chainsaw or angle grinder. If you don’t have tools, you can directly find the conveyor belt supplier, they will provide a professional conveyor belt cutting machine.