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Heavy Duty Conveyor Belt Manufacturer

Heavy Duty Conveyor Belt

Heavy duty conveyor belt is suitable for airports, shipyards, quarries, construction, mining, processing and other industries. It is used to transport all kinds of hard, sharp, hot and oily materials, including coke, cement clinker, asphalt, gravel, ore, coal, rock etc.

As a leading manufacturer and supplier of heavy conveyor belts in China, We provide heavy duty conveyor belts in standard and custom specifications.

Whether your application calls for high heat, oil/fire resistance, chemical resistant, cold resistant, abrasion/impact resistance, or any other special requirements, we have you covered. The conveyor belt is specially designed to withstand high wear and tear.

Heavy duty conveyor belt for quarry

The quarry heavy-duty conveyor belt is designed for the most demanding conveyor applications. It is used for conveying hard rock, such as granite, basalt, limestone, etc. It has high wear resistance, impact resistance and tear resistance.

  • Provide 2 ply, 3 ply and 4 ply construction
  • High strength and minimal stretch or elongation when conveying large loads.
  • Provide the longest belt life in the harshest conveying conditions, guaranteed.

Heavy duty conveyor belt for underground mining

The underground heavy conveyor belt is manufactured in 2 different structures: Multi ply fabric and Steel cord.

The multi ply conveyor belt is composed of multiple fabric ply separated by rubber, which has good impact resistance and long service life.

Steel cord conveyor belt for underground mining is suitable for high-strength, long-distance material transportation, and is widely used in coal mine heavy-load transportation, hard rock mining and mineral mining.

Regardless of your underground mining application, Rayco can accommodate other belt types upon request.

Heavy conveyor belt for open pit mining

In open-pit mining, quarry, tunnels, ports or heavy material processing, the wrong conveyor belt can cost you a high price.

Abrasive materials such as clinker, iron ore, quartz, lignite, anthracite, gravel, and sand can tear and tear the surface conveyor belt, and high loads can cause excessive stretching. The belt structure, covering layer and strength are matched to the load to be transported, ensuring long service life and short downtime.

For ground operations, Rayco provides heavy duty multi ply fabric conveyor belts and steel cord rubber conveyor belts to meet your needs.

Contact us for more information on materials, specifications and latest prices for heavy conveyor belts.