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Heat Resistant Conveyor Belt

Rubber conveyor belt in high temperature conditions will accelerate aging, resulting in rubber hardening and rupture. Heat also has a seriously harmful effect on the belt carcass itself because it damages the adhesion between the cover and the carcass and between the fabric plies contained within the carcass. This actually breaks the belt. Therefore, it is necessary to choose heat resistant conveyor belt.

Heat resistant conveyor belt material

Heat resistant rubber conveyor belts are usually made of rubber mixed with high temperature resistant materials such as EP or PTFE. The covering rubber of conveyor belt consists of special rubber mixture with high adhesion strength and elongation at break. It is mainly used in steel, coking, cement industry and other industrial applications requiring heat resistance. High resistant conveyor belt has high resistance to high temperature materials such as cement, steel or sand.

The service life of the heat resistant conveyor belt mainly depends on the temperature of the conveying material and whether the structure of the conveyor belt is reasonable, but there are other factors, such as the wear performance of the material, the size of the material, the length of the belt, the speed of the conveyor and any chemical action that may be involved.

In addition, a higher coating thickness is also necessary because the coating acts as a barrier between the heat source and the matrix.

Heat-resistant conveyor belt specification

Rayco is a manufacturer and supplier of heat resistant conveyor belt. We have four specifications for heat-resistant resistant belts.

  • Grade T1 – The maximum temperature of material that can be transported by conveyor belt is 100 ℃
  • Grade T2 – The maximum temperature of material that can be transported by conveyor belt is 125 ℃
  • Grade T3 – The maximum temperature of material that can be transported by conveyor belt is 150 ℃
  • Grade T4 – The maximum temperature of material that can be conveyed by conveyor belt is 175 ℃

Heat-resistant conveyor belt application

High temperature conveyor belts are suitable for :

  • Cement plants
  • Heating stations, power stations, garbage incineration plants
  • Chemical industry
  • Steelworks, metal foundries, metal processing industry
  • Hot asphalt transportation

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