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Fire Resistant Conveyor Belt

Fire and Flame Resistant Conveyor Belts

If the performance of the conveyor belt is not up to standard (premature wear and tear, overheating or not putting grease and causing the belt to break), it will usually only damage the conveyor system without endangering life. However, if the fire resistant conveyor belt cannot effectively resist fire, it will lead to disastrous consequences.

Rayco is a leading manufacturer and supplier of fire resistant conveyor belts in China. We provide high-quality fire and flame retardant conveyor belts for coal mines, metal mines.

Fire resistant conveyor belt material

Fabric fire resistant conveyor belt

Fire-resistant and flame-retardant conveyor belts usually have 3 materials:

The carcass material of fire-resistant conveyor belt is made of polyamide / polyester (EP), polyester / polyester (EE) and polyamide / Polyamide (PP) fabrics.

They have almost no fire resistance. When exposed to an open flame sufficient to ignite the belt, each conveyor belt will burn. The fire-resistant and flame-retardant material of the fire resistant conveyor belt is the rubber compound that protects the upper and lower cover layers of the carcass and the degreased material between the fabric layers. This is achieved by adding special chemicals and additives to the rubber compound. When rubber catches fire, additives will release gas, which will effectively isolate oxygen and extinguish the fire.

We can provide fire and flame retardant conveyor belts with fabric cores with a belt width of 300-3000 mm.

Steel cord fire resistant conveyor belt

Steel cord conveyor belts have high abrasion/wear resistance and are mainly used in long-distance, heavy-duty and environmentally harsh applications.

It is suitable for flame retardant and explosion-proof occasions, such as underground coal mine transportation.

Solid Woven Conveyor Belts (PVC/PVG)

The fire-resistant solid woven conveyor belt is specially designed for underground mining applications. It is divided into PVC or PVG covering layer, which meets the fire resistance and antistatic requirements of all international safety standards. It has excellent flame retardancy, antistatic properties, impact resistance and resistance Tearing. Very suitable for long-distance transportation.

The PVC solid woven conveyor belt is very suitable for applications in dry conditions with a maximum slope of 16°. The maximum thickness of the non-pressed PVC conveyor belt is 0.8 mm, and the thickness of the cover layer of the pressed PVC conveyor belt can reach 4 mm, which can make the belt have better impact and longer service life.

PVG solid woven conveyor belts are very suitable for applications in wet conditions with a maximum slope of 20°. The cover is mainly composed of rubber, which has better moisture resistance, slip resistance, impact resistance and abrasion resistance.

The solid woven conveyor belt is easy to clean and maintain. The high plasticizer content ensures that the conveyor belt cover does not harden and break prematurely, thus ensuring long-term trouble-free operation of the belt.

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