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Fabric Conveyor Belt

Fabric conveyor belts

Fabric conveyor belts are also called textile conveyor belts. They are used principally for heavy-duty, abrasive materials. Compared with steel cord conveyor belts, they are more economical and effective.

Fabric conveyor belt material

The carcass of the fabric conveyor belt is made of multiple-ply of specially treated synthetic fabric (polyester/EP or nylon). These braid combinations ensure a high tensile strength/weight ratio, low elongation, excellent flexibility and excellent groove formation, as well as high impact resistance and chemical resistance.  

We offer EP fabric conveyor belt and nylon fabric conveyor belt in a 3 ply (three fabric sheets) to a 6 ply (six fabric sheets) option.

Fabric conveyor belt

Cover grades

As a manufacturer and supplier of fabric/textile conveyor belts, Rayco can select the appropriate cover grade for the fabric conveyor belt according to your application, all of which are made of high-quality rubber. It has extremely high wear resistance, fire resistance, heat resistance, shear resistance and impact resistance. The thickness of the covering layer depends on the nature of the material being transported and the loading conditions.

  • For bulky and sharp materials, such as heavy rocks, a conveyor belt with abrasion resistance level can be selected.
  • Materials such as clinker, coke, foundry sand and slag can choose heat-resistant conveyor belts.
  • Underground coal mines can choose conveyor belts that meet the safety level of underground applications.


Fabric carcass conveyor belts are widely used in quarry, concrete aggregate plants, cement plant, power plants, foundries, chemical industries and other industries.

Fabric conveyor belt specification

Cover Rubber grade8MPA,10MPA,12MPA,15MPA 18MPA,20MPA,24MPA,26MPADIN-X,Y,W RMA-1,RMA-2 N17,M24
Belt width (mm)500,600.650,700,800,1000,1200 1400,1500,1800,2000,2200,250018″,20″,24″,30″,36″,40″,42″ 48″,60″,72″,78″,86″,94″
Tensile strengthEP315/3,EP400/3,EP500/3,EP600/3 EP400/4,EP500/4,EP600/4 EP500/5,EP1000/5,EP1250/5 EP600/6,EP1200/6330PIW, 440PIW

Please contact Rayco experts for more information on fabric conveyor belt specification, cover grade and fabric conveyor belt splicing.

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