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EP Fabric Conveyor Belt

What is EP conveyor belt?

EP rubber conveyor belt

EP conveyor belt, also known as Poly-nylon conveyor belt. It uses polyester yarn (warp direction) and nylon yarn (weft direction) as the carcass material. Polyester (E) comes from Ethylene glycol, which provides lower tensile strength. Nylon (P) comes from polyamide, which provides good impact resistance and load support.

EP material conveyor belt is the most popular textile conveyor belt.

EP rubber conveyor belt structure

EP rubber conveyor belt consists of carcass and rubber cover.

The carcass of EP conveyor belt is Poly / Nylon structure, which determines the tensile strength of the conveyor belt and thus the load that the conveyor belt can bear.

The rubber cover determines the resistance of the belt to impact, wear, heat, cold, oil, chemicals and other atmospheric conditions.

EP conveyor belt characteristics

  • Excellent low elongation under load
  • Excellent impact and heat resistance
  • For heavy material handling at medium distances

EP type conveyor belt cover grades

Reference standard: DIN-Z
Application: Suitable for handling small materials with medium abrasion.

Medium abrasion resistance
Reference standards: DIN-Y, N, RMA 2, BS-N 17, AS – N, JIS– G
Application: It is recommended to handle materials with medium abrasion resistance such as coal, crushed ore, limestone, bauxite, sand and cement.

High abrasion resistance
Reference standards: DIN-X, M, RMA 1, BS – M24, AS – M, JIS – S
Application: It is recommended to handle large pieces of sharp, heavy hard rock and other highly corrosive materials.

Super abrasion resistance
Reference standard: DIN-W
Application: It is recommended to handle extremely abrasive materials such as copper, gold ore, sintered ore, and coke.

We also produce EP conveyor belts with heat resistance, cold resistance, fire resistance, oil resistance and high temperature resistance.

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