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Cold Resistant Conveyor Belt

Cold Resistant Conveyor Belt

When the ambient temperature is below -0 °C, both the multi ply fabric conveyor belt and the steel cord structure conveyor belt begin to lose their elasticity. As the temperature continues to drop, the covering rubber will continue to lose its flexibility and resistance to wear, impact and cutting. The conveyor belt will also become so hard that it cannot pass through or bypass the drums and pulleys, which will eventually cause the rubber covering and the rubber inside the carcass to break.

As a leading manufacturer and supplier of cold-resistant conveyor belts in China. The cold resistant conveyor belts supplied by rayco are suitable for operating temperatures below – 40 °C. Due to the special rubber mixture used in the covering layer, the wear of the conveyor belt is extremely low, and the high-cost performance ratio is guaranteed.

Cold resistant conveyor belt material

The cold resistant conveyor belt is made of fabric (EP canvas, nylon canvas) or steel cord as the carcass material, and its covering rubber is a mixture of natural rubber (NR) and butadiene rubber (BR), which has the advantages of high elasticity, impact resistance and cold resistance. It can work at -60 °C.

Cold Resistant Conveyor Belts

In addition, the thickness of the top and bottom rubbers of the conveyor belt also helps protect the service life of the conveyor belt.


  • Exceptional cold resistance
  • High elasticity kept at low temperature
  • Excellent shock resistance
  • Suitable for conveying various types of materials under extreme temperatures


  • Aggregate plant
  • Open pit mining
  • Lignite and hard rock mining
  • Concentrator
  • Port operations
  • Power plant

According to the characteristics of the cover, our cold-resistant conveyor belts can be divided into three grades, including tear-resistant type (H), anti-abrasion type (D) and ordinary type (L).

According to different cold resistance, it can be divided into two types: C1 and C2.

C1-working temperature:-45~+50℃
C2-working temperature: -60~ +50℃

Cold resistant conveyor belt specification

GradeMin. Tensile Strength (N/mm2)Min. Elongation at Break (%)Max. Abrasion Loss (mm3)Cold resistant coefficient at elongate ≥
Aging test(-70°C, 168 h)Change rate of tensile strength and breaking elongation (%)

If you are looking for a manufacturer or supplier of a cold-resistant conveyor belt, you can contact us for more information about the price, specification, material, and splicing of the cold-resistant conveyor belt.