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Chevron Conveyor Belt

Chevron conveyor belts

Chevron conveyor belts are used to carry materials on inclined systems to prevent rollback.

Chevron conveyor belt material

As China’s leading manufacturer and supplier of chevron cleated conveyor belts. Rayco chevron conveyor belting uses fabric (EP/NP) or steel cord as the carcass material. These belts are equipped with integral cleats and are integrally vulcanized to prevent the material from sliding backwards.

Cleat styles

We can provide a variety of cleat styles. Its wedge-shaped surface can keep loose materials in place even on steep slopes as high as 40°. The cleats can be V-shaped or U-shaped, with an open or closed structure, and the height of the cleats is between 5 and 32 mm.

Chevron conveyor belts pattern

Rayco’s chevron conveyor belt pattern types are suitable for mining, aggregate and construction applications. Used to carry sand, gravel and minerals.

chevron conveyor belt

Cover grades

RAYCO provide a variety of high-quality coverings, including wear resistance, heat resistance, fire resistance, oil resistance and grease resistance.

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