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Chemical Resistant Conveyor Belt

Chemical Resistant Conveyor Belt

The chemical resistant conveyor belt is suitable for transporting alkaline and acidic chemicals in corrosive environments. Generally, chemical resistant conveyor belts use multi-ply fabrics and steel cords as carcass materials, and the rubber cover is made of special materials that will not dissolve, expand and corrode. It has good chemical resistance and best physical properties. It is resistant to acids, alkalis and other chemicals.

Even if the transported chemicals have a high concentration, they will not corrode the cover and carcass of the rubber conveyor belt, causing serious operational problems.

Advantages of chemical resistant conveyor belt

  • Excellent chemical and corrosion resistance.
  • Excellent elasticity and best elongation at rated load.
  • Has excellent adhesion and flexibility.
  • Resistant to most chemicals, including chlorinated compounds, acids and alkalis, coolant oils.

Application of chemical resistant conveyor belt

  • Chemical plant
  • Fertilizer plant
  • Paper mill
  • Mining belt
  • Cement industry
  • In other industries that need to transport chemicals such as acids or bases