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Cement Plant

Rubber conveyor belts for cement plant
Rubber conveyor belts for cement plant

Cement is one of the most commonly used materials in construction. To meet the growing demand for cement, RAYCO provides high strength and high wear resistance conveyor belts. From limestone crushing, stockyard storage, calcination, clinker storage to cement storage, our rubber conveyor belts ensure safe and effective transportation throughout the cement production process.

In addition to the rapid wear caused by the conveying of highly abrasive materials, all the biggest challenges of the conveyor belts of cement plants are the high temperature of the hot clinker. The calcination temperature of the cement plant can reach up to 1450°, and the temperature of the rapidly cooled clinker is also as high as 200°. These high temperatures will accelerate the belt aging process and cause the rubber sleeve to harden and crack.

RAYCO provides heat-resistant conveyor belts with a heat resistance of up to 400° to support the transportation of hot raw materials (cement clinker).

Cement conveyor belts: