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  • Conveyor Belt Accessories

    Conveyor Belt Accessories

    Industrial conveyor belts have a wide range of applications. Different applications have different conveyor belt requirements. Therefore, the conveyor belt requires many attachments and accessories. Common conveyor belt accessories are cleats, sidewalls, rubber sheet, impact beds, wear pads, drive drums and lace.

  • Conveyor Belt Material and Type

    Conveyor Belt Material and Type

    The application of the conveyor belt is different, and the material used is also different. Most conveyor belts used today are 4 types of materials: plastic material, metal material, rubber material and leather material.

  • Rubber Conveyor Belt Material

    Rubber Conveyor Belt Material

    The most popular is rubber composite material. In order to improve strength, many rubber conveyors are composed of a core material and a cover layer. Common materials for rubber conveyor belts include multi-ply fabrics and steel cords. They are widely used on trough, inclined, and horizontal conveyors.

  • Heavy Duty Conveyor Belt Manufacturer

    Heavy Duty Conveyor Belt Manufacturer

    Our customers can get the best quality heavy duty conveyor belt from Rayco. The conveyor belt is specially designed to withstand high wear and tear. It is suitable for airports, shipyards, quarries, construction, mining, processing and other industries.

  • Frequently Asked Questions About Conveyor Belt Splicing

    Frequently Asked Questions About Conveyor Belt Splicing

    Recently, many customers have asked Rayco about conveyor belt questions, such as: how to choose a suitable conveyor belt for the application and send a list of conveyor belt quotations. In addition to these problems, there are also many customers seeking solutions for conveyor belt splicing. Therefore, I have compiled the content of frequently asked questions about conveyor belt splicing.