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Tear Resistant Conveyor Belt

Anti Tear Conveyor Belt Manufacturer

Applications such as quarries, aggregate production or mining operations require the transportation of large amounts of heavy, sharp, hard, and highly abrasive materials. Even the strongest conventional conveyor belts can be torn and worn by large, heavy and sharp materials within weeks or months. Therefore, the heavy-duty rubber belts used in the aggregate and mining crushing industries need to have high tear resistance, impact resistance and abrasion/wear resistance.

Tear Resistant Conveyor Belt Manufacturer

Rayco is a leading manufacturer of tear resistant conveyor belts in China, specializing in providing high impact, tear and rip resistant conveyor belting for various applications in the aggregate and mining industries. It is superior to other tear-resistant conveyor belts in terms of toughness, durability and best wear life.

Tear Resistant Fabric Conveyor Belt

The carcasses give superior resistance to strong ripping and tearing forces, due to the carcass being manufactured with a unique Polyester/Nylon (EP), weave design.Compared with the traditional fabric conveyor belt, the strength of this conveyor belt is 3-5 times that of the traditional fabric conveyor belt. This unparalleled toughness means that the conveyor belt will not be easily damaged when loading and transporting large, sharp materials.

Tear Resistant Steel Cord Conveyor Belt

The anti tear steel cord conveyor belt uses high-strength galvanized steel wire rope and special composite materials, which has excellent elasticity, is not easy to corrode, and has a longer service life. Especially suitable for long-distance transportation of large amounts of heavy, sharp, hard and highly abrasive materials.

Suitable for high abuse bulk handling in the heavy duty industrial fields with harsh operating conditions, such as rock mining, quarrying, cement plant, concrete recycling, feeder/primary belts for crushing machine, engineering work and aggregate processing industries.

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