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Aggregate Conveyor Belt

Aggregate Conveyor Belt

Aggregates are building materials used in construction, including sand, gravel, crushed stone, and recycled concrete. Aggregates are consumed in private residential construction, commercial construction, urban and infrastructure construction. The conveying system is inseparable from raw material mining, crushing processing to finished aggregate transportation. High-quality aggregate conveyor belts can improve the efficiency of aggregate processing in quarries and save costs.

Aggregate processing

The aggregate plant close to the raw materials is responsible for crushing stones for the production of aggregates. From primary crushing, secondary crushing to screening into finished aggregates of different specifications, the heavy-duty aggregate conveyor belt undertakes an important mission.

Aggregate transportation

Even a relatively small amount of aggregate may weigh several tons. Consider the transportation distance, truck cost, labor cost and other factors. The use of long-distance aggregate conveyor belts to transport aggregates is the best solution to maximize profits.

Aggregate conveyor belts are designed to cope with harsh processing environments. Generally, aggregate conveyor belts used in quarries need to have:

  • High abrasion resistance
  • High rip and Impact resistance
  • Low-stretch tension

From the quarry to the final destination, Rayco provides cost-effective transportation solutions for your entire aggregate processing business. We have decades of experience and innovation. From material crushing and transportation to finished aggregate transportation, we will choose the right heavy-duty aggregate plant conveyor belt for you.