Abrasion Resistant Conveyor Belt

Abrasion Resistant Conveyor Belt

The physical ability of a conveyor belt to resist abrasive wear is the most important factor to determine its service life and cost-effectiveness. Different types of resist resistant covers are needed to handle different abrasives.

Compared with materials such as sand and grain, the jagged or sharp surface formed by materials such as limestone, granite and ores will cut the cover of the conveyor belt. Therefore, the handling of heavy and sharp abrasives (hard rock, glass, etc.) requires the use of belts with higher wear resistance.

Abrasion resistant conveyor belt material

As a well-known manufacturer, supplier and exporter of high-quality abrasion resistant conveyor belt in China, Rayco abrasion resistant conveyor belts use fabric or steel cord as the carcass material. Abrasion resistance of conveyor belt covers is one of the most important properties of a belt. Therefore, a rubber compound with high wear resistance is selected.


  • Has excellent high wear resistance and tear resistance
  • Excellent low stretch


Abrasive resistant conveyor belts are used to transport highly abrasive and sharp abrasive materials. Such as rock/gravel, ore, aggregate, sand, slag, glass, etc.

Abrasive standard of abrasive resistant cover

In accordance with ISO14890-2013 standard

GradeTensile strength min.(ISO37)
Elongation at break min.(ISO37)
Abrasion max.(ISO4649)

Rayco produces conveyor belts that fully comply with the wear resistance standards (H, D and L). Under the conditions of highly abrasive abrasives (slag, clinker and high impact), our conveyor belt can ensure the smooth operation of the conveyor in various industrial fields.

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